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The experimental radio station call sign 6XM was issued to the University of California in 1921. (Amateur radio call sign 6BB may have been issued about this time.

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The Police Department is making favorable noises about putting up HF antennas on Sproul or between Sproul and neighboring buildings, and about giving us room 36.

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We plan on running a test in the near future to see whether a HF rig would qrm their communications.

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There is now a license that requires only a 55 question multiple choice test and no knowledge of Morse code.

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From Hearst and Euclid, enter the new gate and turn left behind Northgate Hall.

I started on campus in October of 2005, Fritz, K6EE started in September of 2005.Talk-in on 146.43. The Bears Net is every Wednesday and Friday at noon on 146.43 simplex.

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The antennae were a 20 meter beam and several wires with tuners.Early on we were also connected with the commercial station here at Cal, and did early broadcasts from football games, alumni dinners, etc.Directory of Pizza Hut in Berkeley, CA yellow pages. Visit our website store locator for special coupon offers. - Pizza, Caes.

Of course, please feel free to operate the shack earlier or whenever.I think one of our members was the first woman to get a commercial radiotelephone operators license in 1924.Essentially, we were formed in 1914 as one of the first stations on the west coast.At that time the transmitters were a Collins CW rig and a Navy surplus TDE (as I remember) for AM.

We started DX receiving experiments at this time, and soon established skeds with the University of Washington and a few other schools.

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Fritz Sommer (K6EE), Johnathan Ritzi (AG6JR), and me Jack Burris (K6JEB) are the W6BB VEC.The club has a mentorship program and study materials to assist you in getting licensed.